Even If

See YouTube comments on Even If — Heart Warming!!   See Håvard below!

Kenneth     Our 14 year old son passed away last July. It has been blinding, soul crushing, murky dark. He had a lot of medical problems but still nothing prepares you for the loss. I was with him until his final heartbeat. I know with everything in me that God’s mighty hand could have saved him, made him whole, but God said no. It’s a hard no to understand. My son was the sweetest, most loving child I have ever seen. He smiled from the time he woke up until he fell asleep at night. But Even if, Even though, He didn’t answer my prayer the way I wanted, my hope is in him alone. This song has put into words what I could not.

Carol     Thank you Jesus for my FAITH in you; the PEACE in my heart that I feel ; and the HOPE I know is waiting for me. In Jesus name. Amen
 Ryan     Thank you Mercyme. My dad died last night. This song was hard enough to listen to but now it’s impossible to listen to without bursting into tears. I mean, I was doing 80 down I-25 with my mom in the passenger seat so of course I kept it together (angels did probably) but thank you. This song will help me. It will be well with my soul eventually. Just, pray for me please.
I’m really losing bad now. I’m being tormented by my own thoughts. I feel weak, worthless, hopeless, angry and hateful at the same time. I feel so selfish too 😦
Natural     I really love this song….. my daughter passed away 3 months ago and this song was so soothing and helpful to My Broken Heart. I actually played this song at her funeral and I really thank God for it.
Trent     This is such a hard concept for followers to understand, I especially struggle with the idea that God sometimes says no even when it means a time of pain and sorrow. I am thankful though that he never says no about love, grace and mercy. Praise God for his mercy and healing at the end of each trial.
Danielle     I love this song, I love Mercyme. I am a teenager, but I cling to God to get me though every day of high school in this evil corrupt world.
I first heard this song last July when I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. I had a gist tumor growing on the outside of my stomach. I was devastated. I was scared to death. I didn’t want to die. I was only 43 years old. Never before in my life had I been taken so far to the edge. I had to mean what I prayed……for real. I know you’re able and I know you can take this cancer from me, but EVEN IF you don’t, my hope is you alone. I had to really mean it. No matter the outcome. No matter if I lived or died. I had to know that He alone knew best. My life was completely in His hands. I wanted God to miraculously take it from me, but I knew He wasn’t going to. I knew He was going to get me through it. And He did! I had surgery on August 28, 2017. I had a huge 3# malignant tumor, 2/3’s of my stomach, and my gallbladder removed. I cried almost every day from the day I found out until the day of surgery. Some days my prayers were just sobs. God met me every step of the way. He sent me special people who lifted me up, prayed for me, helped me, and talked with me. God brought complete strangers into my life. People who were important to the process. God never let me down and gave me a peace that is not of this world. He led me to the surgeon who would do the surgery, the hospital, and the prayers of thousands of people who didn’t even know me. When I first heard this song…..I just clung to it. Sometimes, we just want God to do what seems impossible……heal us with a miracle…..but I have learned through the trial of cancer that the healing doesn’t always come from a supernatural miracle. Sometimes healing comes from trusting in the Lord with all your heart. To know that He is all you have. And that if you have Him…..you have everything you need. He will never leave us nor forsake us. NEVER! I grew so much closer to the Him through this trial. I am 6 months cancer free. Praise His Name!

Fenny   Ive lost my dad. Now im in an mental hospital to recover from my past with him. I wont forgive his faults. But I believe that Jesus make him a better dad in heaven. From a Dutch girl.

Lynn     My family and I have been homeless for over six year living in and out of hotels and our van. It’s so hard to understand why God hasn’t helped us get out of this situation, but my hope will always remain in him.
Sarah  I’ve been in the darkest part of my life this last year…stress and what must be depression. I read the comments and it brings my small problems into perspective. So many of you are suffering such terrible things. I pray for the comfort of the Holy Spirit for you all! This song is like no other I’ve heard…really strikes a chord and delivers just what you need when going through the toughest times. Makes you feel normal. Thank you Mercy Me and most of thank you my loving, kind, faithful protector…my Saviour!! Psalm 56:8 “…put thou my tears into thy bottle…”. He sees every tear and even keeps them in a bottle because we are so precious to Him. What kind of love is this ?!
I Love this… I just lost a Friend, but it never fails God I find you always even through the mist of tears. I couldn’t see you, but I feel you in this song. It’s your will Lord “even if I don’t” understand. Thanks for this Beautiful Song. I’m sure it will feed the Hungry, the Broken, and the Blind… God Bless You
I’ve been struggling with my faith for a time now, not long but not short either, it’s gotten to the point where I hardly ever feel emotions anymore, I want to but it’s hard, and every time I hear shepherds chapel on the TV I get worried for some reason, I don’t know why but I keep praying and hoping sometimes begging The Lord for help but I don’t feel anything and it’s like he’s ignoring me, like he’s just abandoned me, I know that it says that he will never leave you nor forsake you but I keep asking him to help me but I just don’t know anymore. Please can somebody tell me what is going on, oh and I haven’t been going to church as much as I need to or want to and I don’t feel conviction anymore… please help me.
I was not a christian when our boy was killed. He was killed with 3 bullets to his body, one in the back and 2 in his head. This happened in Norway not far from Oslo july 22 2011. That day 69 young people was killed by a man dressed like a policeman. I was filled with hate and this turned to bitterness. I wanted to torture the killer. But my wife got a revelation in the spring 2012, and this revelation lead me to God may 2015. I want to tell you her story. I want to show the hole world what Gods love and mercy can do. Read it if you want and share it with some other people if you think it can help them ❤ Love you all! A day in the spring of 2012. I bring my cup of coffee out on our porch. Sit down and think. Feeling the loss. One of my four children did not get to live to experience this spring. He will never again experience the flowers blossom, the birds singing early in the morning and the birch sprout. He is gone. Ripped away from us in the most brutal way. His life, and youth, ended on July the 22nd 2011, on Utøya. Only one month away from celebrating his 18th birthday. The day that was supposed to be his birthday on August 21st, was instead the day there was a memorial in remembrance of the victims in Oslo Spectrum. I’ll never forget when he told me a few days before my 40th birthday that he had written to Morten Harket (from the band A-HA) and asked if he could sing in the world’s best mum’s birthday. That didn’t happen. Instead Morten Harket came and sang in what was supposed to be Syvert’s 18th birthday. I have a lot of memories. Valuable memories. I carry them in my heart. They are precious treasures for me. I’ll never forget the news that came on July the 22nd: “Shooting at Utøya!” Oh, my God! My son was there! I tried several times to call him, but he never answered my calls. It was unreal. The news about a man who walked around the island executing young people was like a nightmare. I prayed to God. Prayed that my beautiful son would be safe. I prayed that Syvert would come back home. I went to Sundvollen. Arrived there early in the morning on July the 23rd 2011. I was met by desperate parents who gathered together with a hope and a prayer that their loved ones would turn up. There were lists on the wall. They were constantly upgraded. Names on injured who were sent to the hospital. I prayed that Syvert’s name would turn up on those lists. It was unreal. It was like the whole thing was a bad dream. The information from Kripos kept on coming to us. They told us about their search on and around Utøya. They were searching with boats and on land. On Sunday the 24th 2011 we were told that sadly there was no hope in finding any survivals. We were told we ought to go home and start the mourning prosess. The days passed by like in a fog. My child. Killed by an eccentric person. I hated him! A simple, ordinary thing like running errands was difficult to do. The frontpages of the newspapers were full of the photos of my son’s murderer. Often I returned back home crying from these everyday tasks. Why did the newpapers have to have the murderer on their front pages? By midnight on July the 26th I got a phone call. It was the police who informed us that Syvert was identified. It was the conformation that I would never see him again. That I never again would be able to tell him that I love him. I got to see him one last time. Shortly before the funeral. I remember I went into the chapel. The coffin was there. I went up to it, and there he was. My boy. His cheek was cold when I stroke it and kissed it. For the last time. The time that followed was full of grief and he was sadly missed. A day in the spring in 2012. I bring my cup of coffee out on our porch. I sit down and think. And my thoughts wander. In a dream? Suddenly I am in a prison-cell. Syvert is there and he is smiling. He is holding Anders Behring Breivik’s hand (the murderer). He looks at me and says: “Mum, you have to forgive him”. “I can’t, Syvert. He killed you”, I answered. Then Syvert said to me: “You have to forgive him, in order for us both to find peace. My time had come. For me it didn’t matter how I died, but you have to forgive him”. I then said to Syvert if that was what he wanted, I would forgive him. Syvert smiled, stood up and gave me a hug. I sat there with my cup of coffee in my hand. The sun was warm and I felt peaceful. I had forgiven my son’s murderer, and this gave me back the peacefullness and calmness. It removed the hatered I felt for Breivik. Now I feel fine. I think about Syvert every day and I miss him. I miss when he picked up his guitar and sang the songs he had written himself. I know he is with us. I talk with him, but get no answer from him. Still, in my heart I feel he is here with us. My dear boy. Love you, my precious. Anne Lene Melsnes, Syvert Knudsen’s mother
Lisa     Jesus moves The Mountain EVERYDAY! I LOVE ALL E SPIRITS. LORD GOD, Ive got the Holy Spirit in my body mind and Soul. IM THE NEW ME AND ITS AMAZING! I Thank all 3 Spirits! 4-EVER N EVERY
This is going to sound stupid, I know there’s no saving her. My mum believes in god but she’s not really a Christian. She’s an adulterer, against my dad and even before I was born and I know she’s sorry for hurting my dad but not for her actions. My dad has told me time over horrible things about her, that she’s going to hell. I didn’t understand till now that she truly is, if I could I’d swap places with her and burn in hell for eternity knowing she would be among my half siblings in the future in paradise, I’m not sure why I would but I would, I don’t think I’d do any help to her, if she won’t repent her actions I can’t see how it will but please pray for her, I know she’s done so much wrong and she doesn’t deserve a place in heaven but if I go to heaven I don’t want to be without her, I don’t want to know she went down to hell, I just want her to find a way to be saved.
What a amazing song! And I found it at the very moment I needed it. What a message it tells! And for those thousands that disliked this song and any christian message…grow up! You hate for the sake of hating. And all I can say is I will pray for you all! Bart, you have an amazing story! And the fact that you kept your faith through it all is a true testimony for all christians and people everywhere. Thank you for your inspiration, and I thank God the father for your beautiful voice to share with the world! You are a true inspiration!
What a lovely and meaningful song, Bard Millard. Never ever doubt that we serve a Living God and that no matter what, he will see you through your times of testing. God is faithful and he will watch over you and your loved ones.
I feel so broken. those I’ve cared about most have abandoned me. please pray for me. I don’t want to be alone. I just want man of faith. please help me surpass this heartache
My God this is such a moving song! So many times I’ve prayed for God to heal my parents marriage, I’ve cried out but even though nothing has happened, I’ve never doubted or falter my faith in Him. Even though He doesn’t answer some of my prayers it doesn’t mean he doesn’t listen and I know through it all He still loves me♥
Thank You So So Much For This Powerful Song! Telling me That Thou Trials, The Lord Is Always Will Be In CONTROL! Smoothes The Hurting Heart! Thank You Again! Blessings, Nerry
This song fills my heart with such praise and worship …I am amazed that I can feel joy and peace in the midst of whatever it is I am going though at the moment, and believe me, its always something. I wake up many days with this song playig in my heart…thank You Jesus 💕 May our Holy, Loving, Merciful, Gracious, Faithful Abba Father get every glory in the midst of all that we go through!! ALL Praise, Honor &Glory belongs to HIM alone, because no matter what we are going through on THIS earth, as true followers of Jesus Christ, we serve a mighty GOD, and it IS WELL WITH OUR SOUL…and when we get HOME, none of this pain and struggle will matter!!!!🛐🙌💖

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