More People Will Die From Hunger & Poverty…

More People Will Die From Hunger & Poverty Than Covid-19 – End Lockdown In South Africa!

South Africa marks its 7th week of the national lockdown, 10–16 May 2020. Despite easing some restrictions on 1 May allowing 1,5 million citizens to return to work, an 8pm – 5am curfew was added. This and other draconian measures have sparked widespread concern that government overreach may cause more harm than good to a country already reeling from the corruption pandemic.

The chorus of voices demanding an end to the lockdown restrictions are growing daily. Most citizens fear hunger and poverty may kill more people than Covid-19. An estimated 20 percent of the population have no income and no food. Unsurprisingly, government food relief programs are bedeviled by allegations of corruption, nepotism and incompetence.

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3 thoughts on “More People Will Die From Hunger & Poverty…

  1. Yes, this is a complicated dilemma for those countries where people live from tourism, buy their meals daily and get their income daily. Somehow the European/Western model for response has been taken worldwide, and surely there are better ways to deal with those with such food insecurity. May God give wisdom.


    • I had not thought much in terms of cultural and social differences but you’d think governments would be able to respond accordingly. Apparently not! We need to pray for hunger around the world. Some of my church’s money has gone to mercy needs around the world. However, much has gone into the Birmingham (Alabama) metro area. There are many needs here. I do hear from Pakistan, Japan and China through missionaries. Those are the ones I follow more closely.


    • Replying to you reminded me of a couple who were missionaries to Germany. They are permanently retired now here in the Birmingham area. BUT, Germany has a mandatory retirement age and so they had to stop the work they went there to do. However, they stayed. About that time the refugee migration started from the East and remember Germany opened wide it’s borders. Jim and Evelyn sought out as many opportunities to engage and serve the refugees as possible. Soon they had more opportunities to serve than they could handle. Picture, two white haired anglo looking Americans in a village in Germany inviting in non-German nor English speaking refugees from the camps and showing them hospitality and serving them in as many ways as the Lord gave them opportunity. That went on for more then 3 years after they retired–maybe 5 years. It was fantastic to read the stories in their newsletters coming back to the states.

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