Doctors Warn About Lockdown

‘Cardiac Arrests up 800 Percent’: 600+ Doctors Warn Lockdowns Doing Much More Damage Than COVID

Written by: Paul Strand

A new grassroots organization of doctors is telling the nation (USA) it needs a second opinion about the way to handle this pandemic medically and mentally.

During a media call, several of these doctors spoke of horrible medical results for people because of excessive panic over the coronavirus. They also told of harm done to ill or injured people because the medical world has been largely cut off to them while almost all resources have been redirected to deal exclusively with COVID-19.

Dr. Simone Gold is an emergency room physician documenting these harms as she’s contacted fellow medical professionals across the country and helped form this new group A Doctor A Day.

For Fear of the Virus, ‘They’re Actually Hurting Themselves’

“People are not getting their health care,” Gold shared. “We’re so worried about the fact that patients believe that they are going to get sick if they show up for medical tests. But they’re actually hurting themselves.”

They’re avoiding hospitals even during emergencies.

“There are all these patients out there not showing up to emergency departments,” Gold stated, saying where she works, “The volume in the emergency department is incredibly low. Maybe 60 percent of what it usually is. And this is across the nation. Everybody’s had the same experience, excluding the New York metropolitan area.”

“Actually, it’s quite empty,” she reported, saying of her own hospital, “I got a letter just this last week that we are firing 50 percent of our technicians.”

Layoffs have been widespread in hospitals across the country since the pandemic hit.

Read the rest of the story here.

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