Dinosaurs Beside Man in Time

7 Myths summary: Many today would say “Dinosaurs died out millions of years ago, did not walk with man, and are not mentioned in the Bible.” The Bible paints a different picture: Dinosaurs were created during Creation week (right before Adam & Eve), were named by Adam, then died out in Noah’s Flood just thousands of years ago. This video is #7 of 7 in our series, “Debunking the 7 Myths that Deny Biblical Truth.” See our website for more info: http://www.sevenmyths.com

I have not thoroughly investigated the 7 myths but the information presented in video is compelling.

2 thoughts on “Dinosaurs Beside Man in Time

  1. I just finished watching this video. I don’t know how I missed hearing the news of this discovery, but somehow I did. While some of the assumptions in this video are optimistic, the discovery of such delicate soft tissue, and the now general acceptance in the scientific literature, does mean that we should be cautious about assuming the theory of evolution is anything more than a theory.
    Thanks and Peace


    • I agree. I don’t know my reason for post at the time. I am still, off and on, looking at data and discoveries which aid me in thinking about the way we got here. Not exempting, of course, the truths of Genesis and other parts of Scripture, which I consider Scripture and divinely inspired.


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