Are Coptic Christians persecuted in Egypt?

Juliana Iskandar (جوليانا إسكندر), I am a Coptic-Egyptian-American
Answered Aug 12 is Quora

Hell Yes!

I’m tired of all the people denying that we are. No matter what your intentions are, you’re honestly not helping anyone by denying that it’s happening. Just go to Egypt. See for yourself how the Copts are treated. Ask them if they know someone who has been killed in the bombings, you will likely find someone who knows someone who was killed or injured by them or the mobs. Egypt has problems with the way it treats the Copts. That’s an observable fact. In some parts of Cairo and the rest of the country, I get stared at and harassed if I go without hijab. That shouldn’t happen. None of this should be happening frankly.

An Islamist mob burning down a church.

A crucifix on top of a church being destroyed.

Aftermath of the bombing that killed two of my cousins.

Aftermath of a bus bomb that killed 7 people being transported away from a monastery

A nun examining the damage a bomb that killed 29 people at the Botroseya church caused

People examining the damage of the Botroseya Bombings

Pictures of some of the Victims of the Botroseya Bombings

Bloodstains from the bombings.

Pictures of Coptic women and girls who were forced to convert and marry Muslim men

I’m crying just as I’m typing this. If you put it all together, it can just be too much at times. We are oppressed and persecuted for our faith in Egypt. It’s a reality. We as Egyptians need to come together so that way Copts can live in equality and justice can be reached.

I don’t know if this will happen. Many Egyptian Muslims simply don’t care about what happens to us. I have talked to people in Egypt who have said that if the victims of attacks and kidnapping are Christian, they don’t care. That view is way too common in Egypt.

Copts make up around 2/3–3/4 of Egyptian Americans despite making up only 10% of Egypt’s population. It’s not that hard to see why.

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