Bible Story Line

From Sunday’s sermon(Greg Poole):

Story line of the Bible, God loving us, choosing us, giving his life for us, singing over us, calling us his beloved, treasuring us, protecting us, defending us, dancing over us, accepting us in our brokenness, forgiving us again and again, treating us as perfect, delighting in us, calling us his own, making us his sons and daughters, inviting us to live with him forever, preparing a new home for us.

Aren’t you excited???   Praise the LORD, Jehovah!


The Lie of Toxic Masculinity

Houston Rescuers Prove the Lie of ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Men. We are just the worst, with our toxic masculinity and patriarchal privilege. We are


A Texas National Guardsman carries a resident from her flooded home following Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Aug. 27, 2017. Army National Guard photo by Lt. Zachary West


the source of literally all the world’s problems, from war, income inequality, and “rape culture” to the misogynistic microaggressions of “mansplaining” and “manspreading.” If we are ever to create a nonviolent, truly gender-equal world, we must rip away the false, culturally-constructed façade of masculinity. We must free ourselves from the strictures of macho posturing, embrace vulnerability, and redefine what it means to be strong. Continue reading