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I confess, I missed Charlottesville, VA.  Actually I did hear about a protest that was going to happen but for some reason I ducked for the next several days and missed it altogether until today.

I believe Nelson Mandela’s thoughts are mostly right, except for maybe a nuance.  AND, that nuance makes a big difference.

Before I go there, I’ll note that Barack Obama may have been trying to get some political capital out of quoting Nelson Mandela.  The good news is that Mandela’s quote got play time because of Obama.

“love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”   That is a part of the Mandela quote with which I take issue. It may be easier to hate for many than to love.  My nature has born that out.  I have a sin nature as does everyone else.  That nature is vile.  Hate is easily triggered. Love on the other hand requires nurturing!   Why is this?  The answer is the sin nature in humankind–in all of us!

Love will never be fully known or developed in the human heart without an intimate knowledge of Jesus Christ, the Author of Love.  Jesu Cristo loves most purely, most divinely.  If you want to know love, then know Him.  Know Him and seek Him for all He offers.  He offers love, joy peace, kindness, gentleness and more.  Who in the world believes they don’t need those things in greater measure.


How to Know Jesus?
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