Samaritan Water

Jesus was becoming popular in Judea.

He knew the Pharisees were watching Him so He left Judea.  He comes upon a well in Related imageSychar: Jacob’s well.  A woman comes and Jesus speaks to her.  “Give me a drink.” Samaritans and Jews do not interact if avoidable.  Also, man to strange woman is touchy.  But Jesus loved this woman and knew He had the best gift to offer anyone.  He knew she would be receptive!

“How is it you, a Jew, talk to a Samaritan?” Jews have no dealings with Samaritans. “If you knew the gift of God and who I am, you would ask for living water.”  (John 7:37-39, Jesus defines living water as the Holy Spirit; given to His followers after His ascension.) She is perplexed, thinking ‘living water’ is physical water.  This living water in a person will cause him to never thirst again. The woman wants the water.

Jesus moves to the woman’s wicked heart.  He exposes it of sin.  She attempts to honor Him by calling Him a prophet and deflect from her sin by calling Jews into question over where to worship God.  “You worship what you do not know. Salvation is from the Jews! But, soon, worship will not be a place, it will be in spirit and of truth. True worshipers MUST worship God in spirit and in truth.”  The woman, “I believe the Messiah will tell us truth.”  “I am he.”

Jesus becomes the Savior of the World to the Samaritans, non-Jews.  This is an indictment on the Jews and a sign that Jesus the Messiah is fulfilling the challenge of the Old Testament to spread My Name into the world.  This is also a sign that the Gospel message is for other than Jews.  Jesus goes to Samaria to start His ministry of salvation–to those whom He knows will believe, He reveals His true identity: Messiah! Savior of the World!

I love the “unlikely” components of this story.  Barriers are crossed: man to woman, Jew to Samaritan, & Holy One to sinner.  Messiah loves, He touches, convicts, heals, saves and transforms.

I am honored to worship the true Messiah and give Him glory.

See John 4.


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