Ben Carson’s Best Speech!

Ben Carson–great ideas he gives here!

Videographer’s comments: The importance of this speech by Ben Carson cannot be overstated. He was introduced by Senator Sessions and completely annihilated everything Obama stood for. Watch Obama’s face as Carson continues to press that the foundation of America is a Christian God. At the start Obama is spitting out his gum and sticking it under the table, to the middle where Obama realizes the speech may be directed at him, and then near the end where Obama looks like he’s getting very annoyed and sizing Carson up. Carson subtly, but directly blasts Obama with him seated 5 feet away. Carson touches on topics ranging from education (common core), IRS scandal, Obamacare, the importance of the freedom of speech, and one nation under God. This is the speech that fueled this present election.Carson was asked to apologize to Obama following the speech, which he never did.

I say there is many points in this speech for all of us.  Why would President Obama be offended?  (I don’t believe he was humiliated by this data.) I take Dr. Carson to heart and make the changes I personally need to support.  Everybody has takeaways from this speech.  These words are not for just one man.



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