Brock Turner: Raped and Then Released!

In the 24 hours news cycle how quickly we forget.  Do you know Brock Turner?  I had

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Brock Turner

forgotten him.  His name came up in the news today because he was released after serving 3 months–ONLY 3 months for a rape he committed against a defenseless woman who was passed out.  Why did he not serve the “light” 6 months sentence he was given?  Because this culture is corrupt.  $$ buys the judicial system and thus less time.  He is privileged and who was she anyway?

A bicyclist carries a sign critical of the judge's sentencing in the Brock Turner case Friday in San Jose.

Yes, Judge Persky let him out after 3 months though the sentence was 6 months.  Again money talks!

Did Judge Persky consult the prosecutor or the victim before the release?  It is doubtful.  When is our justice system going to start sending the right messages instead of the wrong ones?  This is the wrong message, Judge Perky, to the would be rapists out there.  I am male but believe me I know, there are many rapists and potential rapists out there.   The values the real culture promotes condones sex crimes and this early release sends yet another signal–it’s okay, you get off light.   

Read the victim’s letter read in court facing Brock Turner here.  Read letter from Sister of victim to Brock Turner.

Dear Brock Turner Photo Series

Image result for Brock turner

‘Dear Brock Turner’ Photo Series


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