Bibles and Bumble Bees

This weekend I encountered a bumble bee struggling to get out of our pool. He was waterlogged so I helped him onto the deck and watched him for several minutes as he struggled to dry off enough to get airborne.
I couldn’t help but wonder what the little guy was thinking — was he afraid? Frustrated? Did he have a plan?

This morning in my QT (quite time), I read an article about science and the inerrancy of Scripture and my mind went back to my little friend.
You see, many years ago, scientists determined that it was aerodynamically impossible for a Bumble Bee to fly. Yet, any 2 year old playing in the garden knows that he can.
I have spoken with many people about the inerrancy of Scripture over the years. I have noted their examples of controversial, challenging, and so-called “contradictions”. For some, I can offer a plausible defense — for others, I have no clue. Thankfully, the truth of Scripture does not depend on my ability to explain it. So I acknowledge my insufficiency and continue to search for answers.
Sadly, many choose to reject Scripture based on their own inability to reconcile their questions. Indeed, there are churches who proudly deny the absolute veracity of Scripture.
Back to my friend — When scientists decided that Bumble Bees could not fly, they were dumbfounded. But when scientists encounter an anomaly in nature, they don’t write articles denying the truth…. they dig deeper until they find their answers.
When you encounter a difficult passage in Scripture, remember that Jesus said not one iota, jot or tittle will pass away. In Revelation, John warned us not to add to or take away from the Word and Paul encouraged Timothy to stay true to Scripture.
When we encounter a difficult passage remember it is our own minds that are flawed and insufficient — not the Bible.
But — like the scientist, keep digging for answers … … search the Scriptures!
Bumble Bees can fly!   (my little friend eventually got off the ground)
From my friend Michael

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