Joe Dallas – Perverse Sexual Life

Joe was made a slave to sex early in his life.

Joe’s life is not without struggles and even compromising.  He struggled honestly and finally face the realities of what broken, helpless sinners we actually are–he too!

My old friend had a secret problem, I reflected, just as I’d had six years earlier. But unlike me, he’d dealt with his by calling it what it was, rather than by re-defining it. And he’d done so openly, in the church, without running away. I, on the other hand, had dealt with my problem by deciding to indulge it, then trying to make peace with it by re-defining it, then running away from anyone who challenged that re-definition. And if I’d really been sure I was right, why did I run from anyone (or any thought, for that matter) that challenged me?

Apologist on Gay Theology
Been There, Done That
Been There, Done That (Part 2)



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