The New Christian Experience

I love hearing stories from newly born again Christians.

The stories from yesterday’s blog just thrill me.  Lynn was “new” when she wrote that Christianity Today piece.

Today I want to highlight a few things she relayed in the article.

When I read what Jesus said in John 6:44, “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them,” I knew I was being drawn—sucked, pulled, conveyed, transported. In physics, an event horizon is a boundary beyond which the gravitational pull is so powerful that there is no escape. This was my event horizon. As I read the Bible, my appetite for God grew exponentially. I felt myself drawn to him at an ever-increasing speed.

Not all of us experience a tug as Lynn describes here.  BUT,  there is a drawing to Him nonetheless.  Thanks to Jesus for his work in pulling us into Himself.

Then, on a chilly October evening in 2006, Michael and I settled in with Katie in our basement to watch the movie Luther. My heart pounded as I learned of the reformer’s struggle against the Catholic Church. I seemed to be facing a similar struggle: Did I believe the Mormon system of obedience to laws and ordinances would secure my forgiveness? Or did I believe what the Bible taught, that Jesus alone was the Way, the Truth, and the Life?

That night, speeding toward the point of no return, I lay face-down on the carpet, arms extended, and cried out to Jesus, “I am yours. Save me.” Instantly I was sucked over.

This reminds me of the spiritual battle we are all in.  “Heart pounding” is caused by that battle.  I am so thankful that God in heaven is greater than the wicked forces which prowl this earth.  Lynn and her family were trapped by evil for many years.  Yes,  evil can a beautiful exterior veneer.

From that point on, God became personal. I talked with him. He sometimes answered. I had stark dreams. Once I surrendered my will to his, he seemed to be gently leading me somewhere. He showed up at unexpected times and taught me through other people and through circumstances, through the Word and during prayer. It was bizarre at first—unnerving. I’d never experienced anything like this. Some days I pulled back to catch my breath. He got me a job I hadn’t applied for so I could leave BYU. He sold our home the day after we resigned from the Mormon Church. This must be what Christians call a personal relationship with Jesus.

I discovered this Jesus could not be confined by the laws and ordinances of a religion. Jesus is real. This palpable relationship transformed me.

Lynn truly has a personal relationship with Jesus.  Look at the interaction she has with Him.  He is vital and alive to her.  He makes her alive.  He is in the process of transforming her.  What is He working on in your life?

About a month after Katie came to Christ, she dreamed of a stone courtyard in the shape of a circle. She saw herself as a small girl, led by a man through the one entrance, which looked like a sheep gate. There were small pools of blood on the ground, but she wasn’t afraid. This courtyard was where Jesus had been beaten and whipped until near-death. The blood was his.

Katie looked right at the man, who was wearing a cream-colored robe and a shawl over his head, and immediately trusted him. He knelt in the dirt to gaze at her, directly at eye level. Taking the shawl off his head, he touched it to the bloodstained ground and gently began to cover her with the blood, starting with her forehead. He smiled at her as if she were the joy set before him.

This is the Jesus my family and I now know. He loves me personally. I devour his Word and find him there. He knows me and teaches me. I do not need the laws and ordinances of the Mormon Church to be saved. Only my beloved Jesus.

This was a beautiful dream.  It may seem to some that a dream involving blood is gory.  It could be but in this case it is not.  Yes, Jesus suffered a horrible death for us.  His blood was spilt for you and for me.  He has covered us all with His blood and remembering His blood brings more grace to this life.

I am so thankful for Micah, Lynn and Katie’s stories featured in Christianity Today.


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