Olie’s Surprise Shopper

Although the global genocide of Christians is news filled with horror stories, there are also some very exciting positive stories. Olie is a shop owner in Pakistan. He squeezes out a living selling various wares including Bibles.

One day a man entered his shop, glancing around nervously. Olie immediately felt uneasy. The man approached Olie, and opened his coat revealing a bomb strapped to his chest.

“I am here to kill you because you sell Bibles in your shop!”
Olie stood in silence for a few seconds, the hair on his neck standing up. Olie pointed to a picture frame on the wall next to the man. The frame contained the words from the love chapter in 1 Corinthians 13.

The bomber stood and read the whole chapter. He glanced back at Olie, then immediately left the shop and ran down the street. Olie let out a long deep breath. He had no idea why he pointed to the frame containing the verses, but he gave God all the glory.

A few weeks later, the same man walks into Olie’s shop! Olie’s gut knots up as the man walks toward him. “I have experienced this Jesus who is in your Bible. I need to have my own Bible. Can I get one from you, please,” said the man in a quiet voice.
Olie gave him a Bible and Olie also kept in contact with this new believer. This is one of the stories you will never hear in the news media.

For example, we hear much regarding the refugee problems exploding in Germany and the rest of Europe. Riots, gang fights and rapes fill these stories.

More here.   Grand Lake News

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