Racism is Still very Real!

I helped campaign for a local lawyer running for a judgeship this spring.  In passing out fliers of the lawyer who happens to be black female, I was scolded by a  white man.   It all began as soon as I showed him her flyer.  “I don’t want that!” “You are not supposed to be out here.” Then I got expletives of her and her even being in the race.

As he came out of the voting place I got more expletives directed towards me personally. Also, “I’d report you if I had time.”   I actually invited him to do that.  He had no substance and was reprehensible.

I am a Jesus follower and so is my lawyer friend.  She is my sister in Christ.  Even if she were not a Jesus follower, if I believed in her abilities I would still support her and campaign for her.  AND, I would take all that this man gave me and feel honored to be cursed for doing so.

We have to help other differentiate right from wrong.  Sometimes that involves pushing back on bad thoughts and statements.


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