They are Coming After Churches Now

Think Religious Liberty Bill: passed by the legislature and vetoed by Governor Deal in Georgia, USA…

Click here to read the article I refer to here.

I am not intimidated by corporate pawns of the militantly politically correct in this country (USA).

My pastor says to the issue of responding to those who would trample our rights: “We are to be the Body of Christ that is called to be winsome, attractive and meek in the face of opposition and hostility. We can avoid compromise and still be gentle and humble in heart.”   But, I haven’t worked out all of the issues in my head to oppose wrong and still exhibit Jesus’ values.

This is much like the transgender in the “wrong” bathroom issue in my thinking.  My rights are supreme and I don’t even see myself as trampling other’s right on the way to obtain mine.

Also states are not sovereign anymore.  Corporations like the NFL, Apple, Disney, Time Warner, Starz, The Weinstein Company, AMC, Viacom, Marvel, CBS, MGM, NBC and more have CEOs who speak for the whole corporation without taking a vote first, bully a whole state and get away with it.

The militant PC police are coming to trample yours or your neighbor’s rights soon.  Stay tuned.   Click here for more.

This is my favorite part of the Blaze article:

And now here we are.

So, which part of this bill was everyone so upset about?

Do they think the government should force a priest to officiate a lesbian wedding at gun point?

Or do they think the government should be able to pry open the doors of a Baptist church and invite a couple of gays to hold their reception in the basement regardless of what the congregation thinks?

Or do they think a private Christian school should be shutdown if it refuses to hire a religion teacher who actively and loudly opposes the very beliefs and doctrines she’s being hired to instill in her students?


This is a Corporate war on Christianity.
“… corporate giants like Apple, Disney, NCAA, Intel have finally come out of the closet and declared public war on the religious freedom of clergy and religious schools, as was the protection in Georgia’s very modest HB 757…”

Updated (April 14, 2016):   Georgia Governor Deal caved in to corporate threats against him and his state.   The war now rages in North Carolina and will probably heat up in Mississippi also.



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