Coming of the Radicals!

Will the modern church that Jesus founded ever get back to it’s roots and look like the Here Come the Radicals!Acts church that the Apostles founded?  Maybe!  Maybe now!

Any good thing is attributable to His Glory alone. The prayer was ‘God let me make a difference for You that is utterly disproportionate to who I am.’   – David Platt

The Book of Acts describes the early church as selling their property and possessions to give to anyone in need. One of the experiment’s main challenges involves sacrifice and setting a cap on your lifestyle.

Just like our own story and salvation — how God takes us, gives us a new name, and gives us a hope that we wouldn’t have had without Him. He’s done that for Evan and Neil — Benita Bussell

My life is to be spent for the spread of this Gospel in a world of urgent spiritual and physical need — David Platt

Thoughts on “radical” living from Tish Warren:

I still believe in and long for a revolution. I still think I can make a difference beyond just my front door. I still want to live radically for Jesus and be part of him changing the world. I still think mediocrity is dull, and I still fret about settling.  — Tish Harrison Warren

I’ve come to the point where I’m not sure anymore just what God counts as radical. And I suspect that for me, getting up and doing the dishes when I’m short on sleep and patience is far more costly and necessitates more of a revolution in my heart than some of the more outwardly risky ways I’ve lived in the past.  — Tish Harrison Warren
…so this is what I need now: the courage to face an ordinary day  — Tish Harrison Warren
…what I need now…the bravery it takes to believe that a small life is still a meaningful life, and the grace to know that even when I’ve done nothing that is powerful or bold or even interesting that the Lord notices me and is fond of me and that that is enough.   — Tish Harrison Warren
When we fearfully cling to the status quo and the comfortable, we must be challenged by the call of a life-altering, comfort-afflicting Jesus.  — Tish Harrison Warren
…for those of us — and there are a lot of us — who are drawn to an edgy, sizzling spirituality, we need to embrace radical ordinariness and to be grounded in the challenge of the stable mundaneness of the well-lived Christian life.   — Tish Harrison Warren
In our wedding ceremony, my pastor warned my husband that every so often, I would bound into the room, anxiety etched on my face, certain we’d settled for mediocrity … We laughed!  — Tish Harrison Warren
I’m starting to learn that, whether in Mongolia or Tennessee, the kind of “giving my life away” that counts starts with how I get up on a gray Tuesday morning. It never sells books. It won’t be remembered. But it’s what makes a life.  — Tish Harrison Warren
And who knows? Maybe, at the end of days, a hurried prayer for an enemy, a passing kindness to a neighbor, or budget planning on a boring Thursday will be the revolution stories of God making all things new.   — Tish Harrison Warren

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