Bill Maher’s Incorrect Interpretation of Bible

Bill Maher has recently come out against accepting refugees from Syria.  I am for caution on that point.

He is an atheist and I have an example of his screwing with the Bible and what it says or at least how to interpret what it says.  People in the media screw the Scriptures all the time.   It is sickening how they blab about what the Scriptures say as if they understand perfectly it’s original intent and proclaim why it is wrong.   The truth is media pundits don’t have a clue.  I’m sorry–they don’t.   What’s worse some theologians who say they’ve studied Scripture don’t have a clue either.

Fast forward to minute 5:00 and listen to Maher show his ignorance.  He is talking about what is in the Quran but then picks up on what’s in the Bible.

He says we don’t take passages in the Bible seriously where violence is documented. “We blow off our religions.”  Yes, he blows off Judaism and Christianity but Jews and Christians take all of their Scriptures seriously and blow of none of them.  By the way, we understand the context.  Context, author’s intent, audience, time period and other passages along with the original languages are just some on the components that drive the correct interpretation.

Bill Maher: there is nothing, absolutely nothing in Old Testament or New, that commands a Christian or Jew to kill a neighbor who is mowing their grass on Sunday or Saturday or Friday evening.

Even if that neighbor was a Christian or Jew, “Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy” nor other command would  provoke me or a Jew to think that.

News flash Bill Maher: I’ve mowed my grass on Sunday!!!

Yes, I am a sinner but that is not one of them.

All talking heads want to do is make you believe they know what they are talking about.

See Myths about the Bible here.  Look for “Thou Shall Not Kill.”



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