From Gulab of Ludhiana, India, “They say that prayer changes things but does it really change anything? Oh yes; it really does! Does prayer change your financial future? No, not always, but it does change who you look to for meeting your daily needs.”

My response to Gulab: In December, 2015. Sheila was very down about her arthritis and we were asked to come to a meeting where we heard a motivational speaker. Now a motivational speaker isn’t necessarily a Christian but this one was and he had some very uplifting things to say. I remember two things specifically.

“So what, now what?” Meaning, if tragedy just struck, there is always, always something on the other side of tragedy. If blessings just came, there is always something on the other side of them as well. God in his sovereignty makes a way for us when we can’t see a way forward. The “now what” is ALWAYS there and it is provided by the Supreme Sovereign. He is so grand in the way He works! I say that because, yes, we are responsible to look up and ask Him “now what?” BUT God, God always meets us in our faith in Him. He is there. He is covering us, giving us the steps to take.

Number 2: In the audience were rich people, really rich people in our city. We were little people! This PhD looks at the people and asks them what is their greatest resource? Not resources, just resource. Some people answered sheepishly (timidly) but he lead us all to believe that time is our greatest resource. What we do with our time is absolutely critical because we, through time, can fulfill our dreams, fulfill God’s plan for us and for others. He then drew a contrast and said that the prisoner to the CEO of the biggest company in USA has been given time in equal measure. The issue is: how do we use it? That made me want to say: Help me Lord! And I did say it as a prayer. We are his servants and we use our time in serving, advancing
His Kingdom the way He would have it advanced: loving, serving, caring.

I love you brother!

What I did not tell Gulab (because it is insignificant to him) is that the speaker that day was a coach. Yes, a motivational coach. He is the coach of the coach and team who won this year’s college National Championship.

Time, it is your greatest resource! It is given in equal measure to all. What will you do with your time?

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