We were all created.  We are image bearers.   We all bear the image of God in our soul and in our spirit.   God created originally male and female.  All of us are unique originals and are either male or female.
This truth is the backdrop for all that we know about ourselves and our interaction with other humans.
How is it that some later in development have tendencies to same sex attractions or attractions and identity other than attracted to the opposite sex and identify only as male or female?
Scientific efforts exist to find genes that expose or explain alternate attractions and identities.  So far I believe the research has been futile.

Personally I am seeing the choices presenting in modern societies are no doubt a product of exposure, environment and choice.  Humans, regardless of choices are at our core sexual orientation male or female.
I am friends with a child molester.  Yes, I will say it again I am friends with a child molester. I have learned so much from him about life.  Knowing and reviewing his story, I see how exposure, environment and choice lead him there.  He is a Jesus follower.   Early in life he married a Jesus follower and one with some strange views about many social and marital principles.  She took a Bible verse out of context and made an interpretation that their entire family of 4 or 5 should sleep in one bed.   She then denies her husband sexually and moves to another bed.  The husband developed an attraction to his daughters and that lead to a 20 year prison sentence for child molestation.  He will not in this life live down his reputation.
What put my friend behind bars is exposure, environment and choice.
Many prisoners develop homosexual orientations.  If they had not committed the crimes and not been confined in tight quarters with the same sex, they would no doubt have never developed that orientation.  Exposure, environment and choice lead to homosexuality.
 I have a friend who’s daughter is leading an alternative lifestyle.  How did she get there?   I don’t know that a person could have a better upbringing than this lady.  The whole family is strong Jesus followers.  Not only that, she had the opportunity to spend countless hours in other nations helping people and seeing the world.
Her life was turned upside down in college when she was lured into having an affair with a church staff member.  A lesbian classmate began to console her after that affair and help her through the emotional trauma.  I never met this person but I believe the lesbian wanted a relationship with the woman going through emotional difficulties from the affair.  Fast forward: the two women married and my friend’s daughter had a son in the marriage but infidelity on the part of the first lesbian lead to a divorce.  How did all of that come to be?
This your woman was heterosexual all of her life.  However, exposure, environment and choice lead her into an alternate lifestyle which she is in the process of rejecting at the moment.
God created male and female.  Among humanity in 2016, we still have male and female.  All attempts at defining humanity sexually other than male and female is a product of exposure, environment and choice.
I am concerned about these issues because these choices lead not to life at it’s fullest.
 These choices lead also to much pain for the persons involved and for many in the domains of those making these choices.  Choices cause pain and pain keeps us from experiencing life at its fullest!



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