Prayer using PrayerMate

I am taking my cues from a post I read this morning about PrayerMate.   I have been using the PrayerMate application for some time now and it has helped me.  Unlike Tim Challies my prayer life was not organized on paper.  It was based more on prayer events–prayer meetings and other real time opportunities to pray during my week.


PrayerMate Logo

PrayerMate has boosted my prayer life.  It has helped me pray believingly, that is, believing that my prayers matter to my Father.

I trust you will consider using PrayerMate or that you this post will prick your thinking about what God is calling you to do in your prayer life.

Pray, dear Jesus follower!

From Tim Challies:

PrayerMate borrows from the physical world and mimics an organized collection of index cards. Imagine a card file: Each of the dividers marks a new category, each of the categories contains several cards, and each card contains a prayer. Now just take that paradigm and translate it to an app. You create your categories and cards, and each day the app presents you with a collection of items to pray for. It’s that simple!

I created categories to match the way I pray: Praying in concentric circles. I have included a list of my categories below. Beside each you will see numbers in brackets, like this: (5, 1). The first number tells how many items (prayers) I have in that category and the second is how many of those items I pray for each day

Challies organizes his prayers around gospel, confession, personal godliness, wife, daughters, son, family, church, elders, special, ministry and missions.   My PrayerMate prayers are organized:  biblical prayers, personal godliness, urgent, my church, share my faith, world missions, brothers, students, family, life group, and doxology. You customize the app to fit your prayer style and needs.

There are many benefits to using this app.  It comes in iPhone and Android versions.  Hear more from Tim Challies about PrayerMate’s functions here.




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