The Top Good News stories of 2015

from Bill Gates:

“without which we may all perish from the earth”
—  Neil deGrasse Tyson
…speaking of our beholding to science and specific quantum theory.  In this short essay, he explains our need for science with many good points.

Science is not the thing that will keep us from perishing because no scientific truth will…we will all perish and that is inevitable.  The larger questions is will you be resurrected?

Quantum Theory Expanded



What is Quantum Theory?


3 thoughts on “The Top Good News stories of 2015

  1. But is science really aware of the danger or is it toys for the bright boys with enquiring minds.
    Are the efforts of the best scientific brains really focused on its application to the worlds urgent problems?
    Perhaps they are just swinging along singing a progress song confident they can deal with anything.
    You judge! look at the world take your eyes of Mars and images of pluto.


    • You make a good point with your question. Many scientist are in a tiny corner of research an investigation. Some of that investigation seems to have no impact on the wellbeing of humans or animals. Fictitious example: “Can an XYZ gnat hear the tree fall in the forest?”

      Thanks for your comments


      • Yes science had proliferated like a fungus. It would seem call something science and it must be good and deserving of funds.
        Had we plenty of time and plenty of money I have no objection to the pursuit of knowledge, but we are short of both.
        Two urgent problems need priority:
        climate and antibiotic resistance.


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