I Got You!

Shannon Johnson

This man is a war hero!

Shannon Johnson saved the life of Denise Peraza.    He is a war hero and he should be praised and honored as one.   All in the Inland Hospital’s conference room party just last week were involuntarily initiated into a war.   Shannon along with the rapidly responding police force are heroes in a war that could only be conceived by demons.

Squished next to her was a colleague, Shannon Johnson, who Peraza says gave his own life to protect hers. His body served as a shield, and he comforted her during this final heroic act.

Shannon held Peraza and attempted to comfort her at the end of his own life.  His life ended saving another life.  “What a way to go Shannon Johnson!  You finished well!”

Amidst all the chaos, I’ll always remember him saying these three words, ‘I got you.’

These words Shannon uttered as he gave his life for another.

‘I believe I am still here today because of this amazing man. This amazing, selfless man who always brought a smile to everyone’s face in the office with his lively stories about his hometown back in Georgia, who will be deeply missed by all,’ she said, calling Johnson ‘my friend, my hero.’

I am in dark awe over the data.  I have seen people disgruntled with their work situation.  It leads to anger, frustration and depression.  Sometimes these states or emotions are projected to an individual and sometimes that individual or individuals are in management.   In most cases,  workers just deal with it, not always in a good way but they do deal with it and move on with their lives.  Some people allow their emotions, feelings and desires to get to the point of wanting revenge and ‘go postal’ as it has come to be known.   That phrase has a hint at how and maybe why a worker becomes disgruntled to the point of wanting to take revenge.  By that I mean, ‘go postal’ implies to me the job is boring and repetitive with no future and the person comes to see no way out except revenge.

In the San Bernardino, CA  event something else is going on that appears greater than the “one off” “going postal” situations.   He’d worked with these people 5 years and gotten some great perks from management by my estimate.  I don’t know about his relationships, that data is to come.

With the number of bullets/round accumulated and the number of bombs made, revenge of terror had to be the aim.  Then I think about the male’s work associates.  Even the “gone postal” workers probably had some people at the workplace they at least liked.  But if you  come in with multiple guns and a bomb and attempt to shoot as many people as possible and these are people you have associated and worked with for at least 5 years–what does that say about your view of those people?  This could be revenge but it seems to include so many more elements.  Going through with such violence has to include a view of others as being worthless, unworthy of living, numbness, no sense of care or concern, no thought for their pain or the pain of their relatives, etc, etc, etc, etc.  Is there some neurological defect that causes this or can it be explained neurologically?   I truly hope that could be discovered.  That would help my perplexity.

I hesitate to put “religious” motivation in the mix because the religious tend to show other characteristics than what we’ve witnessed in San Bernardino.  “Religious” people are minimally peaceful and usually “do gooders” to one degree or another.   These acts are not that that league.  I associate these acts with vile, dark, demonic, wicked, depraved, degenerate, barbaric and abomination.

Reader, this savagery is an act of the Prince of Darkness.

Murdering couple: Tashfeen Malik (left) and Syed Farook (right) both attended the Dar Al Uloom Al Islamiyah-Amer mosque. Their fellow worshipers have been questioned by the FBI


 The Prince of Peace is coming!



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