Manage People by the Numbers

I believe in numbers.   I believed in metrics when in the corporation.   Key Performance Indicators have their place, but, they are not the only indicators.   Liz Evans makes a point in this article about real managing of people.

The best manager I ever saw “knew” Liz.   He did not know her personally, no, but he valued what she values.  This manager supervised a group of housekeepers in the building where most of my graduate classes were held.  I only saw him in passing.  Almost every time I saw him he was sitting and talking with one of the housekeepers under him.   That is radical!  The reason is that all job functions for that position were done on your feed.   He took time to sit down and talk.   He got to know them and he cared about them and their lives.  This is real management.   It is a lost art in America and especially in American corporate culture.

Liz Evans, and from the article linked below:

In our quest to make business and work as mechanical and inhuman.

Other organizations track the number of minutes their teammates spend in the restroom. The more fear-based an organization’s culture is, the more things they measure and count.

People are capable of much more than machines.

If people are constantly poked and prodded and measured … they stop winning. They stop collaborating. They stop caring.

We know that people are at their best when they’re excited about what they’re doing. At work we stick our fingers in our ears.

When you hit your goals, they get bigger for the next reporting period and you don’t get a “Great job!” or a pay raise to acknowledge your success.



Sadly many leaders can’t trust themselves to lead, so they install layers upon layers of rules and measurements.

Liz is honoring you here by calling you a “leader.”  If this fits you, you are more a “corporate dudd.”

The organizations that will win both in the talent marketplace and in the  marketplace for their services or products are the ones who see the connection between passion and performance.

There is a lot of bullsh*t and wasted effort in corporate and institutional everywhere!

The good news is that every organization gets to choose for itself how to navigate in this new-millennium workplace.  You get to be as human or machine-like as you want to be. Working people  get to choose where to invest their precious talents, time and flame.

Are you brave enough to get step out of the 19th-century, mechanical-business frame and into the Human Workplace?

Everyone gets the same invitation, from the CEO’s office to the loading dock. Now is a great time to take a step toward bringing yourself to work. Your flame will grow brighter every time you do!

The Truth About KPIs






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