The New Atheists


Keller quotes:

One bad thing about “The New Atheists” books is they weren’t just saying that religion is wrong, they are actually saying that even respect for religion was wrong and that we shouldn’t even be courteous and respectful to religious believers, but we really just need to get rid of it all.

And for that’s I think it has a recipe for disaster. That certainly doesn’t bring about civil discourse at all.

The other thing is weird about “The New Atheists” was, most people in the last 30 years came to understand that knowledge is perspectival [sic]. We’ve seem that move away from this idea that you can have this objective view from nowhere, the old enlightenment, you know, scientism. And I’ve talked to a number of philosophers who are not Christian believers who are themselves atheist actually who told me it seems like all the guys who wrote “The New Atheists” books just refuse to take Philosophy 101. They just did not listen to what’s happened in the last 40 years about knowledge. They’re just so sure that if you can’t prove something, then we don’t have to believe it.

And so there’s a kind of epistemological naivete about the books, and there’s also something about them that I think really doesn’t help civil discourse at all.

I do hope that they all get passé, not because I don’t respect the people’s convictions; I just don’t think that they are all that helpful.


Old atheism is better!


2 thoughts on “The New Atheists

  1. Yes, my experience, too. And, of course, you have Richard Dawkins actually teaching that contempt for religious people (not religion) is compulsory. After hours of encounter (can’t call it dialogue) I conclude 2 things: the atheist argument is so bankrupt it has nothing to offer in a traditional conversation; those who cling to this kind of atheism are mad at God about something and spew their hate at anyone who lives in God’s love. So I just keep telling my story of God’s love and accept it will be trashed and I will be ferociously attacked. After all, I will never save anyone so I just let God work it out. However, it is really hard not to take personally the amoral contempt they shovel out. Still working on that.


    • I have a couple of friends who follow some of these atheist leaders faithfully. So many are “put out” by what God allowed in their lives. A friend’s son, after 7 years, came humbly back to the family after barring them from his life. He is connecting with the family but not sure his thoughts about God have changed. Another friend rides a wheelchair every day. He blames God for “allowing” him to get in that predicament.

      Contrast that with a friend whom I had lunch with just Monday. He was leaving that lunch to go be fitted for a wheelchair. Though still walking, he’s had polio since childhood. The docs tell him he will get to the point where he’ll need to extend life to vital organs and opt to not walk but ride. He has served God faithfully all his life with the effects of polio and will serve him in that chair as well.

      Thanks David!

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