Pain and Suffering caused by Evil in Syria

A sorrowful Mr. Kurdi returned to Kobane to bury a son.  His wife and two sons died trying to escape  the terror of Kobane.  He lost all he had in the world, Mr Kurdi did.

Nothing can compensate me, he said tearfully. If you gave me the entire world, it doesn’t worth a bit compared to the loss of my children. All I seek is that God gives me patience.

I was dreaming for my family and they have gone, so the dream has gone as well. I have buried my soul, feelings and mind in the grave.


Aylan’s lifeless body was photographed washed up on a beach in Bodrum.  This may have been a turning point in the migrant’s struggle to escape the ravages of war in Syria.

Aylan Kurdi, 3, (L) and his brother Galip, 5, who drowned along with their mother

A Turkish police officer carries the dead body of Aylan Kurdi, 3 off the shores in Bodrum, southern Turkey after a boat carrying refugees sank while reaching the Greek island of Kos. Thousands of refugees and migrants arrived in Athens on September 2, as Greek ministers held talks on the crisis, with Europe struggling to cope with the huge influx fleeing war and repression in the Middle East and Africa.

Pray for Mr. Kurdi!


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