We are loosing it, RESPECT,  along with all civility.   WE are in a “do as you please culture” in America.   Civility and morality are going fast!

Ava Duvernay“Missed train dealing w/ a man who touched my hair + when I asked what in all the hells he thought he was doing, [he] replied, ‘Is this racial?’ ” DuVernay tweeted.

Other women come over to support her.   The man yells at all of them. then, police get involved.

“Now, he’s having charges pressed by another lady for harassment,” DuVernay continued. “Moral: DON’T TOUCH anyone uninvited. ESPECIALLY not this black woman’s hair.”

This example is benign compared to some of the chaos that is going on in our world and in my beautiful country.    It does remind me how low America has gone.

I want to old America back.  Read our history.  It is beautiful!

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