Is Jesus God?

Here is a note I wrote to Anane in Ghana.   This note captures what I believe about my Jesus and His true identity.


I know there are many out there who claim to be “Christian” or other similar term that question and deny that Jesus, the person who came in the flesh and was born to a woman, Mary, could be God.

By denying this they are denying events in the Old Testament. God appears many times in the Old Testament to those who put their faith in God who is Jehovah. Jesus is God in the flesh. Jesus was God in the flesh in the Old Testament. The God of the Old Testament is all powerful–He can do anything! He can and did appear to His people in the flesh.

John, the disciple of Jesus wrote, In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. John 1: 1 Then, verse 14 confirms, “14 And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.” John 1:14 (English Standard version)

The author of the Hebrews in chapter 1 reveals to us that God, the Father, calls God, the Son, GOD. All of chapter 1 is a grand proclamation by the Father that the Son is God.

Jesus claimed to be God. We see Jesus interacting with Jewish leaders and their followers in John 8 and John 10. These leaders and their followers get very angry at Jesus because in their religious terms, the terms of the Old Testament, Jesus claimed to be God. They were so angry at His blasphemy (that was their view of Him) they wanted Him dead and tried to stone Him right there.

Jesus’ claims to be Divine and to be God are what laid the ground work for His death. The beauty of His death is that it saved us! It made a way that we could be reconciled to God. If He had not died we could not be reconciled to God and forgiven of our sins. We can be forgiven and are forgiven through His death.

I know Jehovah’s Witnesses and Muslims do not believe that God could become flesh. They deny history when they make that claim! God appeared to Adam is the Garden of Eden, Genesis 1. He appeared to Abraham in Genesis 18.

Thanks for asking. I hope and pray that Jesus comforts you with His truth. It is His truth that He is divine. Only a God could be a perfect sacrifice for us and for our sins. He was that and I am so thankful for His gift to me and you.

If you can get to this link, here are more thoughts about that questions, Is Jesus God?

Have a great day, Anane! Let me know what you think and what you want to discuss.


3 thoughts on “Is Jesus God?

  1. Simple, direct. I just had a long conversation with a JW at work, but he was so wrapped up in the answers HQ sends out that he only seemed to listen part-time. But God saves. And we got on the Jesus is God topic. As a scholar I could point out the errors in their translation, but I also made the point it is about experience. I experience Jesus as God, and that is the end of the “argument” for me!


  2. (Blog authors notes and responses are in bold below)
    You wrote to Anana … there are many … who claim to be “Christian” … and deny that Jesus, the person who came in the flesh and was born to a woman, Mary, could be God. By denying this they are denying events in the Old Testament. ”

    But it is just the opposite; Those Christians who do not want to accept the Words of God Himself Who declares Jesus to be His only begotten son, do not want to see and believe what is written in the Old Testament. They do not want to accept that is written in the OT that God is an eternal omnipotent all-knowing God Who never tell lies (Yes, and Jesus did not tell lies either) and does not have to fear man because man can do him nothing, can not be tempted, (Not so fast here! You make broad sweeping claims without examining the Hebrew and the Greek closely. Please look at Psalm 106:13-15 and look at it in several version of your first language. If you know Hebrew, please do a thorough study. If you want further reference on making this claim, please look at ) cannot sin, (Jesus did not sin) and can not be seen by man are they would die. (This may depend on the level of glory revealed. This may be true if God is reveal to a man in full glory. It very well may be that no man can behold that and remain alive. The way you made your statement is speculation. God did appear to men in the Old Testament and they did not die.)

    Jesus was not eternal, He was born, was seen by many, was tempted more than once, had and did fear man, was killed by man, was taken up from the dead after spending three days in hell, and then proved to his disciples he was not a spirit. (All based on scripture except the first assertion. What basis do you have that He was not eternal? He claimed to be in existence before Abraham. Jesus is the unique, one and only God-Man. No other being like Him. Thus let’s be careful how we characterize and think of Him and why. )

    God who is Jehovah is not at all Jesus like you write and nowhere in Scriptures can be found to be so. (This is simple to answer–Jesus is Jehovah.)
    Nowhere and never Jesus claimed to be God in the flesh. (If not why did the most knowledgeable scholars, priests, Pharisees, etc. want Him killed on the spot in John 8 and 10? )

    You seem to miss the vision of the apostle John and the way how he looks at the Old and the new World. You mention his opening phrases but do not see how he writes in the manner of Moses his Bereshith.

    John 1:1 speaks primordially about a word which is a speaking or an uttering of a voice and not a person and speaks about the God and a god, having an unmodified “theos” without the article. Therefore, even some trinitarian scholars are forced to admit that this passage may be literally translated as “the Word was a god”! This includes W. E. Vine (An Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words); Dr. C. H. Dodd (director of the New English Bible project); Murray J. Harris (Jesus as God); Dr. Robert Young (Young’s Analytical Concordance, Young’s Literal Translation of the Holy Bible, etc.). Of course, being trinitarians, they often insist that the correct interpretation of such a literal translation must be, somehow, trinitarian.

    “The English translation must be determined by observing the [Greek word] endings, not by observing the [word] order.” – p. 27, New Testament Greek For Beginners, Machen, The Macmillan Co. (Cf., pp. 7, 22, New Testament Greek Primer, Marshall, Zondervan)

    > “In [the] beginning the Word was, and the Word was with God, and the Word was a god.” (NWT)
    (I know the New World Translation[NWT], it is the translation paid for by the Watch Tower, the organization fronting the Jehovah’s Witnesses. It is no authoritative, the translation has an agenda, to support the beliefs of the Watch Tower. Its scholarship should be questioned. They don’t even publish the group of manuscripts used to make the English translation. I am sorry. I can’t accept.

    Update 6/23/2015:I was in error above. The Watch Tower did release the sources used in making the New World Translation. The Watch Tower will no release the names of the person’s involved in making the translation. I know of no other translation committee or group whose members were not named to the public.

    Prior to this re-translation, the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Watch Tower used the Authorized Version translated in the 1600’s.

    End of update

    Here is a very good translation of John 1:1
    John 1:1 Amplified Bible (AMP)
    1 In the beginning [before all time] was the Word ([a]Christ), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God [b]Himself.

    [a]John 1:1 In John’s vision (Rev. 19), he sees Christ returning as Warrior-Messiah-King, and “the title by which He is called is The Word of God… and Lord of lords” (Rev. 19:13, 16).
    [b]John 1:1 Charles B. Williams, The New Testament: A Translation in the Language of the People: “God” appears first in the Greek word order in this phrase, denoting emphasis—so “God Himself.”

    You referred to Young’s Concordance and Youngs translation above. Here is his translation of the verse:
    John 1:1 Young’s Literal Translation (YLT)
    1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God;

    In the original text, translated to English is stated: Yah Chanan (#Jo 1:1-3): In the beginning the Word having been and the Word having been unto God and God having been the Word he having been, in the beginning, unto God all through his hand became: and without him not even one being whatever became. (Aramaic New Covenant; ANCJ Released: 1996 Contents: New Testament Source Used: Exegeses Bibles (1996) Location: Tyndale House, Cambridge, United Kingdom)

    You also seem to forget what promise God made in the Garden of Eden and how the apostle John is referring to that promise, that word spoken in the beginning of times, before Abraham was born.
    when some 2000 years ago Jesus was born his coming onto the earth was the fulfilment of that promise, the Voice, The Spirit of God its breath giving words, making that word coming true or a reality for mankind, and as such became the Word of God (God His Speaking = God His promise) human flesh.

    The appearing of God is not God Himself Who was clearly seen, but His Voice heard, or His Being being felt present.

    Do you think God lied when He said?:
    “And he said, Thou canst not see my face; for man shall not see me and live.” (Exodus 33:20 ASV)
    (See my reference to God in all His glory above.)


  3. Since Belgian Bible Students love the Young’s Literal Translation and is focused on John 1:1, I want to leave most of the chapter here in a comment because it is always good to put a verse, a concept in context. The succeeding verses put verse 1 in context.

    Here we see clearly that the eternal Word with “on the bosom of the Father” with God and was, in fact, God! No man has seen God (18) but God appeared in the Old Testament many times. Verse 18 says that the Son has appears and certainly men saw Him. Therefore, it must have been the Son who appeared many times in the Old Testament. In the Old Testament, God is referred to many times as LORD in all caps. LORD in all caps is special. This is English for the Hebrew YHWH. YHWH was an unspoken term by Jews. God was so holy His name was never verbalized. It was never uttered. LORD is the English representation of YHWH and it is also translated into English as Jehovah.


    John 1 Young’s Literal Translation (YLT)

    1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God;
    2 this one was in the beginning with God;

    3 all things through him did happen, and without him happened not even one thing that hath happened.
    4 In him was life, and the life was the light of men,
    5 and the light in the darkness did shine, and the darkness did not perceive it.
    6 There came a man — having been sent from God — whose name [is] John,
    7 this one came for testimony, that he might testify about the Light, that all might believe through him;
    8 that one was not the Light, but — that he might testify about the Light.
    9 He was the true Light, which doth enlighten every man, coming to the world;
    10 in the world he was, and the world through him was made, and the world did not know him:
    11 to his own things he came, and his own people did not receive him;
    12 but as many as did receive him to them he gave authority to become sons of God — to those believing in his name,
    13 who — not of blood nor of a will of flesh, nor of a will of man but — of God were begotten.
    14 And the Word became flesh, and did tabernacle among us, and we beheld his glory, glory as of an only begotten of a father, full of grace and truth.
    15 John doth testify concerning him, and hath cried, saying, `This was he of whom I said, He who after me is coming, hath come before me, for he was before me;’
    16 and out of his fulness did we all receive, and grace over-against grace;
    17 for the law through Moses was given, the grace and the truth through Jesus Christ did come;
    18 God no one hath ever seen; the only begotten Son, who is on the bosom of the Father — he did declare.


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