Minority Report

A friend of mine handed me the DVD and so on Friday morning I decided to watch.   Not a good idea!  My mind was not in the right place, but I wonder if there is a right mindset for this movie.

This is an older movie and I tend not to like sci fi.  I did not like the way this movie made me feel at the beginning.

My take on Minority Report:  The movie “promotes” that evil is all around us and we get sucked into evil even though we may feel we are fighting evil doing our jobs.  All the people in the Temple thought they were working to empower good when in fact the opposite was true.  How deceptive!

God help humanity if there is any society which allows experimentation with human bodies making anything like the precognitives.  The USA has done things similar and I hope we have learned our lessons.

The final, final scene is the movie is somewhat redeeming but not really.   There the precogs are shot on a remote island in a cabin “experiencing peace.”  Really, normal life had been ripped from all three of them.

Their brains were no longer controlled to produce images–that’s good.

Agatha reads a book. That’s peaceful.  She holds a “video” of her mother in her hand and it is playing.  He mother was murdered at the beginning of the project and is connected to its start somehow.

 Agatha reflects on her life and her “lost” mom.  I am sure she thinks of all the things that could have been.  Hers and the twin’s (in the background) lives all ruined by their sacrifice for the project to “prevent murder.”  So sad.

The video of her mom is all she has left besides her memories. May righteousness prevail.


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