A Beautiful Mind

I want to honor Dr. John Nash today because he is a man who helped me

A Beautiful Mind (film)

greatly!  I say A Beautiful Mind when I was going through such anguish of soul.  To see him struggle in the movie with issues of the mind greatly conforted me.  Dr. Nash, you helped me!  Thank you!

A Fortune magazine article said these “beautiful” things about Dr. Nash:

Nash was on the one hand such an impressive figure, but also so incredibly modest. He was very careful, very low profile and interested in many things. He was always the last person to educate others about his own work and contributions. He always sold it as part of a much bigger story. I think that might be one of the greatest inspirations: he was somebody who saw much further than others, but was always very much aware of what big problems were still out there.

I love this about Dr. Nash.   I am thankful he lived this way

There was this wonderful phrase that was once coined about him: the reasonable effectiveness of mathematics. It’s that the same idea can be applied again and again and again. He keeps on giving, and the result only becomes more powerful with every application. And that is really the core of Nash’s work.

Thank you Dr. Nash for giving to me. I am a better man today because of you.



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