What is in a Name?

What is your name?

From Tim Keller:  here are some thoughts on what having a name means in God’s domain.  Names are important to him

‘To get a name’ in the Bible is to get what we call an identity. God, of course, constantly names people in the Bible. When he names Adam, Abraham, Israel, and even Jesus, he refers to what he has already done or what he is going to do in their lives. When God tells someone ‘what I have done/will do is your name,’ he means that his grace in their lives should be the defining factor.

Our security, our priorities, our sense of worth and uniqueness – all the things we call identity – should be based on what God has done for us and in us. This means that if we do not have a name, if we are insecure and have to ‘find who we are,’ we have either no grasp or an inadequate grasp of what God has done.

Česky: Iniciála I s Adamem a Evou z Vyšebrodsk...

God loves us.  He has named us.  He loves His Son.   He gave the Son a Name.  He gave the Son many names.  See the significant Names of the Son, coming up.



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