Let My People Go!

I used this version of Let My People Go because Louie Armstrong sings the song.

The journeys of the Children of Israel: into Egypt, slavery and oppression there, judgement on all of Egyptians for 400 years of oppression, journey out of Egypt, miraculous crossing of the Red Sea, wandering 40 years in the dessert, the physical battles to take back the homeland and finally dwelling @ H O M E, are a perfect model for life and the battles we face between good and evil, between God and the fallen evil.

If you look back to the Old Testament, God was working all along the 400 years of slavery.  He was very engaged.  That’s how it is with our lives, He is very engaged but sometimes we don’t see, we don’t believe, we don’t sense God is doing anything.   Then, down the road we look back and we can piece some of the puzzle together that got us where we went.   We didn’t see it at the time but it was happening just the same.

God brought the children of Israel to the promise.  The promise was grand and glorious.  It was not easy–no, nothing worth seeing is never easy to get to where we behold the site.  Once we get there, the tough journey becomes worth it.

God help us to see what He sees.  God help us to appreciate the journey and the things we behold along the way and at the end.


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