My Application of Exodus 15

God just reminded me why it was and is so significant to me. I was so faithless–at many points during my life. In fact, though I believed, I didn’t believe. I believed it up to me; that God empowered me and so it was up to me. In some sense, it is up to me. But, I will fail and fail miserably if I don’t look to Him at each step of the way,  casting allCrossing of red sea

my care on Him because He cares–believe it, know it, experience it. That takes a disposition of absolute faith and resolve to lean on Him no matter how tough the road gets ahead. That is hard! It is not easy! BUT, the rewards of being there(having a sense of His presence) IS the journey. It is not getting a job. It is not what I do on the job, i.e., professional accomplishments and recognition, the Christian life is trusting Him at every step. Knowing that He has a plan and that because we are in a battle it can get bloody and messy. However, he is there too, with me. He is with me. If I have Him I have all that I need. He longs for me to trust Him, because He wants relationship with me and He knows that even in the toughest times if I am trusting and looking to Him, I will be acquiring wisdom for our relationship together and for my role in the future.

Does this make sense?  I hope so. Most of what I said, I have not lived up to as I just presented it. It is wisdom, gathered over much time. I know it requires some living out and to actually come to an experiential knowledge to really know.

I do know that Exodus 15 represents a big stake in the ground of my Jesus experience. “Oh God, forgive me for not seeing Your work, for not trusting you through my life. I was so faithless. As I look back You were so, so, so faithful to me. God you carried me over all the tough times! I did not see that. I see that now. Oh my God, how faithful you have been to me. You saw me through all the tough times, when I didn’t believe and when I did believe. You were CONSISTENT. I was not. Oh my! I don’t have words. I can’t conceive now why I should have not believed that you would carry me though all of it. I know see that You did and I am eternally grateful. Thank you for showing me this through this Song of Moses and through the trials and tribulations of the Children of Israel who also did not believe but overcame through Your might against impossible odds. You saw them through. Mighty Egyptians died. All of the Israelites lived to praise You for their victory. I praise you now with them as they sing this song of praise to You. Lord, help me keep singing this praise song to you about Your faithfulness to me!”

I am still blown away by Him and His faithfulness to me.

Much love and grace to you! Go with Him always!




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