The Greatest Gift

Ann Voskamp (creator) through The Greatest Gift takes us back to the beginning–the beginning, where humans were created in the image of God. She unwinds the story of pain, the story of the fall. She takes you through the dawn of evil, reveals the depths of the depravity and realizes the desperation for a Savior.

She shows the goodness of God, the holiness of the Maker and the graciousness of the Father.

This Advent word from Ann shows us that Advent began at the beginning and humankind has a very desperate need for a Savior before the miraculous event of God taking on flesh.

The coming of Jesus glows here.  Christmas was the means to usher in the true redemption.   Jesus was born to die, to give us life. But because He is God, the chains of death could not hold Him. He rose again and gave us victory.

Christmas is beginning of the life–the promise fulfilled. Immanuel, “God with Us”.



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