I Fear the Cops

I fear my local police–well, actually I fear police, state troopers and even the sheriff’s patrol anywhere I drive.

Why the fear?

I fear them because I have two recent traffic violations in the state of South Carolina.  So why does that make me fear?  If I get another violation in the next few years my auto insurance may go up.  In fact, I barely skirted that happening with the two tickets I received.   

In South Carolina, I was driving along talking to my wife in a low speed zone.  I was radared and stopped.  I was driving well over the speed limit.  To top that I didn’t have my driver’s license.

I decided to go to court.

The good South Carolina system waived the no license fee after I presented my out-of-state license. They also bargained to up my penalty just a bit to avoid points.  I took the offer.  I later realized the lesser offense was a good deal for auto insurance premiums and for future speeding offenses in the eyes of my insurance company should there ever be any (I hope there never are).

I consider myself lucky now as I drive the streets.  But, I don’t want to add any offense by getting a new violation.

What is worse is that this Scion I have can zip!  I can easily be over the speed limit without realizing it.  That is not good in a town where we have the officers to patrol well all the major intersections and roads.

While in the South Carolina traffic court.  I happened to overhear a couple of other cases.  A young white female was before the bench because she had littered on the street.  I didn’t hear what type of littering exactly but I say,  “good for you city of Florence!!!”  I see way too much litter along our streets and highways.

One black young man approached the bench with his second violation of driving without a license.  He had not paid the system anything to this point and his debt went from $1200 to $1800 with the offense.  Yikes!!!

Another young black man approached the bench for a third violation of driving without a license.  I did not hear the penalty on that one but with a third offense he could have landed directly in jail.

My point here: the law and encounter with law enforcement make me want to avoid any future negative encounters with law enforcement if at all possible!!! I never want to get a suspended license.   I will obey all traffic laws to avoid the penalty of violation!

This is generally my perspective regarding the laws of the country, state and city.  Not all in America share my sentiment about obeying our laws.


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