Going After Men

I am male.   There is so much right about some men in the world who lead in a good way, however there are some who go off Nullthe deep!

Meet Matt Taylor, Dr. Matt Taylor, PhD, I presume.

Dr. Matt has provoked rage by wearing his custom shirt which has women is salacious poses  Yes,he can change but he refuses to change.  He did not see nor understand the dehumanization involved.  Let me repeat, he is a PhD who does  not “understand” the offensiveness and dehumanization caused by the images on his shirt which he wears in public.

Richard DawkinsRichard Dawkins has also weighed in on his fellow PhD’s shirt:

“Do not blame feminism for the pompous idiots whining about a Rosetta scientist’s shirt. True feminism is bigger and better than that.”


Okay, maybe we need to go back and define terms here Dr. Dawkins? What is true feminism?  What is pompous? Who are the idots? Please define whining. So true feminists are big?

I will give the benefit of the doubt to Matt:

Speaking during a live web chat on Friday, Dr Taylor apologised for his shirt saying he was “very sorry” and he had made a “big mistake”, before breaking down in tears.

Do real men cry? Real men are allowed to cry. Matt may come closer to authentic masculinity through this experience.

Men, even PhD’s, do not make the connection between private thoughts, tattoo on their bodies, what they wear in public on their shirts and the explosion of sex slavery, sex trafficking and rape culture which is pushing itself around the world.  There is a connection.   But, “blind” PhD’s cannot make the connection between private thoughts becoming public expressions and the dehumanization of an entire gender.  It is happening today behind closed doors and right before our eyes.

Who is going to make the connection and stop the madness and say enough, we have gone too far? Societies in this world need another William Wilberforce!


Men below the Depths




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