Men below the Depths

Do you know this man?  I don’t know this man.   If what is said about julienblanchim on the net is true, I don’t want to know him.  (Actually he is caught on video saying degrading things so it is not accusation, it is fact.) There are few American men, I’d say that of.  What is so disgusting and repulsive about him?   First, his view of himself.  He has the most distorted view of himself and masculinity a man could have.  Next, what disgusts me is his view of the feminine gender.  His view of anything feminine is that it is non-human and at his disposal.

How bad is he?   He recently had his visa canceled and been banned from Australia and Canadians are attempting to get him banned from their country.  In the UK the petition to have him banned is circulating now.

The Gardian on Blanc

That Blanc can sustain a profitable business out of promoting sexual violence with total impunity is a testament to the extent to which our society accepts rampant rape culture and abusive attitudes towards women. These men epitomise the rabid culture of male entitlement and the toxic social enabling of violent hypermasculinity that puts women in danger every day.

Forbes is saying:

What Julien Blanc reportedly is offering doesn’t fit in that category. His approach is mostly juvenile and directed at carnal interests. He operates from the view that men like him are intellectual superiors whose primitive needs must be fulfilled by women whose role in life is to subordinate themselves to the likes of Blanc and his followers.

Offensive as this already may be, what is important is that he doesn’t stop there. He goes on to preach the morally repugnant view that, in at least some instances, it is necessary to dupe women into sexual relationships. Then he goes even further suggesting that it is appropriate to use force on the supposition that some women like being forced into submission.

There are some things that are really bad for us–though, for some males reading here may find this appealing.   That’s the carnal.  Reject it.  This approach is nothing to do with relationship, it is misogyny squared (m²)!

“Men” is in the title because this guy runs around the world telling others they can do what he does with impunity.


Take Down Julien Blanc

PIMP by RSD Julien

Julien Blanc is a racist sexual predator

Julien Blanc – The Japan Times


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