Honor a Veteran!

I know I am late!   I am late for many things lately!

But, when I get the opportunity I thank with deep gratitude the vets and active military who serve Me!  Yes, they serve me in a very tangible way.  Because of them I am blessed!  They personify freedom and promote justice around the world.  Yes, they are our ambassadors for freedom and justice.

God puts in us deep desires of freedom and justice!  Many of His followers around the world have neither freedom nor justice.

Stephen Ellis of the Southern Company:

Regarding Veterans Day: It’s a day to honor the acts of selflessness that gave us the freedom to express ourselves – even when that means we’re expressing dissent.

His view of  the United States–it’s more than a place; it’s an idea.

It is very important to me to be patriotic. It comes down to what we stand for. We may not agree with all the rules, regulations or politics, but essentially, this is a land of freedom. It’s a land of choice.  I’ve served in the National Guard for more than a decade and I still love putting on the uniform to help defend this nation.

Be free!  Stand for justice!


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