On the Shore of the Red Sea

I went back.

I visited the shore of the Red Sea with the Children of Israel in 2011 about this time of year.

Back then, 2011, I was there.  I actually experienced being on the other side of the Red Sea as the Children of Israel crossed.  Getting splashed with water as the sea closed and swallowed horse and rider.  I sang the Song of Moses with the Children of Israel as they praised our God for deliverance from the mighty Egyptians.

God delivered the Children of Israel out of the hands of the Egyptians.  Per the view of some, including me, He had taken His sovereign time to accomplish the task.  Four hundred years they had been there.

I revisited the Song of Moses (Exodus 15) here in 2014 and asked they question, why did it take so long for deliverance.  If you Read the first part of Exodus you see that God begins to move as the Egyptians begin the oppression of the Children of Israel.  He is active and involved in their rescue.  No, it doesn’t happen overnight but He works a plan and they are delivered even with the blessings of the Egyptians who surrounded them.  They bore the gifts of the Egyptians which helped establish the nation once they were back in the Promised Land.

So,  again, my big take away from meditating on this passage is that God is faithful.  The first time I meditated on the passage, I experienced His faithfulness in my life.  I looked back.  I saw all that He had brought me through.  He did this whether I was faithful to Him or faithless.

Bottom line–He is a faithful God and we can trust Him.


2 thoughts on “On the Shore of the Red Sea

  1. God does know the best time. And why don’t we trust that? We see life in terms of time. God sees it as eternity unfolding. This whole story has beena focus of mine for many years and I keep finding new things each time I study it.


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