Jobs for Life and Clerestory

Most of what I am involved in happens inside the church.   But, the mission of the church is to reach those outside, so to speak.  When I think about it however, the church is not a collection of people in one place for the most part.  She is a network of people in a community superimposed over a larger community that is defined geographically.   She is dispersed most of the time into that network.   One day all the networks will combine and we will become a beautiful network organized in a divine way to worship the King of the earth.  Wow!  How did I get there?

The point I want to make is that out of my specific church ministries are springing up.  Those ministries usually form based on non-profit organizations.  What is happening here is so amazing that I want to expose what some are doing.   Their work is wonderful because it impacts so many  people.

I became involved with Jobs for Life through Clerestory.  In the Birmingham area now approximately 7 churches or centers are offering Jobs for Life and Powered for Life training for those who need support and skills development to move into the workplace successfully.

It is a beautiful thing to help someone in this way.

Here are some sites which help to tell the story.




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