Deep Restoration, Part 3

What does God want of us?

Teach me your way, O Lord,
and I will walk in your truth;
give me an undivided heart,
that I may fear your name.

I will praise you, O Lord my God, with all my heart;
I will glorify your name forever.
Psalm 86:11-12

This I can do with God’s help!
Let me try to put that point in context.  At the bottom of page 130, John says “we are not wholehearted.”  That is, through wounds/hurts, our hearts have been broken into many pieces. The illustration on page 134 is of a man who is not wholehearted–his heart maybe broken by seeming insignificant or very significant events in his young life.

How are we healed/restored of broken hearts?  That is a unique process for each one of us.  We are together to support each other in that healing and restoring process Christ wants to do in us.  He desires to heal us.  Our part is to “invoke His Presence” as Leanne Payne points out, p 140.  And also, as we reflect on events in our lives, to ask ourselves tough QUESTIONS, as in, “What am I afraid of?” … “Jesus, what is this or that all about?” “When have you(I) felt like this before?”  Then, Jesus says to you & I as we discover hurts,wounds: “Will you let me heal you?”  We yield to Him and He does His work in us. This is a discovery process for us and asking Him to reveal Himself helps us yield and open up to Him.

Sometimes “the movements of God in me…” are “…inarticulate, deeper than words.” (p 138) We won’t be able to verbalize what is happening but we have a deep confidence/awareness that He is working inside.

In the process, we experience Christ “holding the broken parts of my heart in his hands, and bringing them all together…” (139)

Asking ourselves questions can be risky and scary, but we go there and do it because we desire the healing.

As you and I reflect on Him and life, ask questions that reveal what is going on in you and may allow Him to show you what He wants to do.  This is a lifelong process but now is a good time to begin.

I recommend Eldredge’s book, Waking the Dead, for a quite, reflective read.  Better yet read it with close friends who are seeking God with you.

Our group took about 8 months to review Waking the Dead.  That is a leisurely pace.   It can be done quicker.  But, a slower pace allows more to be grasp.


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