Deep Restoration

We are all in need of deep restoration.  Here are some of my thoughts from John Eldredge’s book, Waking the Dead, which speaks to our need for deep restoration.

You may have thought I was through with Waking the Dead by now but not so. I am going through the book with a group of guys and we are taking our time digesting and applying it. It is summer after all so we are more laid back in our approach.

At the beginning of the chapter, Eldredge paints a picture of our hearts and what has happened to them through life. Without going into details, he makes a case for how our hearts have been wounded and broken especially in the younger years of a person’s life.

You may have a hard time realizing your heart is wounded or admitting that your heart is wounded and broken. I did. But after several years of contemplation and reflection I concluded that my heart is definitely broken. My heart is broken in ways that I never realized. Now my question is how is God going to heal it? Will He heal it?

My young heart was wounded most dramatically in a situation involving my dad and the principal of the middle school I attended at the time. I was betrayed by two people of authority in my life, both of them–my dad and the principal. That caused an issue in my heart with people in authority, no matter what office of authority they may hold.

“It doesn’t take a major assault like sexual abuse to create a broken heart…This is so important to understand, for many good people assume they haven’t any real brokenness because they haven’t endured the horrors they watch on TV.” For most, Eldredge says, it can be as simple as an embarrassing moment or harsh words from a parent or sibling.

Much of what troubles us comes from our wounded, broken hearts. We have all been wounded and our hearts need healing. Without that healing, we will never live from our whole heart. Many of us live half heart with parts of our heart shut down.


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