Receiving God’s Intimate Counsel, Part 3

I am still in Chapter 7 and Walking the Dead by John Eldredge.

We are Misunderstood

John Eldredge delves into the insults and injuries we all have experienced.

Did your family believe in you?

“How subtly it comes….” Doubt and discouragement is sown. “There must be something wrong with us.”

“What have you believe about your heart over the years?”
“‘That it’s not worth anyone’s time'”
“‘That it’s weak'”
“‘That I shouldn’t trust it to anyone.'”
“‘That it’s bad.'”

What have you believed about your heart?

God whispers: “None of this was your fault.” “NONE of this was your fault!”

No, it is not because your heart is bad. It is because Evil hunts us all.   Evil is hunting you now!   Evil’s goal is to take you out of what you were meant for.   Do you see that?  No, you may not see it, but take my word.   Much is going on around us that we do not see.



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