Receiving God’s Intimate Counsel, Part 2

I am continuing my thoughts of Eldredge’s Chapter 7.

Remember, Eldredge says, “the purpose of this Christian life” IS that our hearts be restored (to their former glory) and set free. “Set free” is a weighty concept, far weightier than two simple words convey. This is no easy project Eldredge says.

So, where are we now. We are in pitiful shape and we need so much from God. Through the experiences of youth to adulthood we are assaulted and that assault continues through today. Our hearts are under fire but take comfort in knowing that your heart matters to God and He is equipped to do something about all that has happened to you.

Eldredge uses the David and Goliath story to show the value of God’s intimate counsel. The Israeli army was facing the Philistine Goliath. David’s brothers were in the Israeli army and were in real need of counsel as they faced the Philistines. David was sent to the front lines with supplies. David saw the situation and sized it up quickly. He could not believe that the Israeli army allow the Philistine to taunt them. He has been a shepherd boy and in his most needy hours as that shepherd boy, had seen God come through for him. He believed God will always come through for His people. For that reason, though small, he is willing to face the giant and He does. “Let no one lose heart on account of this Philistine; your servant will go and fight him” (I Samuel 17:32). We know the end of that story.

Thank you David!



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