Receiving God’s Intimate Counsel

John Eldredge, in Waking the Dead, lays out Four Streams which identify an awareness we need to move towards a life from a whole heart. Those streams are: Walking with God, Intimate Counsel, Healing through Deep Restoration, and Warfare.

“Behold, You desire truth in the innermost being.” Psalm 51:6. Eldredge quotes the Psalmist at the end of Receiving God’s Intimate Counsel. David’s thought causes me to pose this question: “Do we want truth in our innermost being, really?” Some of us do and some don’t. God’s truth in the innermost part of our being comes at a price. Some of us are not willing to pay the price for God’s truth.

For most of my life I was not willing to pay the price for having God’s truth deep inside. I would have given lip service to the idea if confronted but I really did not want God’s truth there because I then have to make concessions I did not want to make. Was I a Christians, yes, and with a motive. I was a Christian with a motive and not fully aware, even, that I have a motive and that motive was not pleasing to God.

I love this chapter on Intimate Counsel because it touches on so many issues that we humans have. Eldredge starts the chapter with a long quote from the C. S. Lewis, The Horse and His Boy to make a point that at a point, and we all do not control at what point, God will move in to let us know He is there and He has a statement to make if we will listen. Sometimes it does not matter whether we want to listen, we are made to listen and we get it–get deep truth and awareness.

We don’t even know we need truth but once we’re accustomed to God’s way, we tend to be receptive and want more.



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