No disrespect intended to Robin William and this comment centers on the media and events like suicide death.

It is somewhat ironic how the media will call depression, “demons,”  as if it comes from some source outside of the person.   It may come from outside, but the influence is internal. Death by suicide is one of very few times evil is referred to publicly or in the media, yet it is all around us all the time.  Evil hunts all of us–believer and follower and not.



4 thoughts on ““Demons”

  1. Depression is a clinical condition, like other diseases. It is rarely something the individual can control and it is almost certainly nothing the afflicted person creates himself. The symptoms, like substance abuse and up to and including suicide, are the overt manifestations of the disorder, not its cause.


    • My comment there is not a judgement of the person. I love Robin William’s contribution to me personally and to others who have been exposed to him.

      I believe in the spiritual world and it’s influence on us, both evil and holiness.

      One of the most “holy” contributions Williams made in my view is his calling out of Will Hunting,”It’s not your fault!” That is a moving scene. I am glad Holywood (misspelled on purpose) could allow that.


  2. Through training, research and my faith I insist that suicide is a symptom of extreme socio-emotional pain. The traditional religious definition of self-murder does not sit with me at all. Paul says no one hates self that much, so murder cannot apply. That pain is part of the Eden sin, of course. There are however, many good techniques that divert the pain to avoid suicide, which again suggests the symptomatic nature of this social problem. Is pain demonic? Well, demons can cause it, as we know from the young boy Jesus healed who had demons that threw him into the fire to kill him.
    In my life I have had so much exposure to suicide I don’t think anything of this hope that the media will open a helpful awareness or discussion of suicide; the media is too flighty. It is best approached by congregations and service clubs having seminars to teach the ways to identify potential for extreme pain and aid in offering other choices to deal with the pain than the terminal symptom.
    Sorry if I ranted here. As I say, I’ve seen too much of this after the fact, and am blessed that I could also be the agent for diversion before the fact, as well.


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