Social Media and the Teenage Brain

I was not empathetic when I was a teenager. I learned to be empathetic in a church community where it was modeled. Now, look what social media is apparently doing to the brain of the young.


3 thoughts on “Social Media and the Teenage Brain

  1. This puts a new twist on human seduction to control instead of serve. By creation we are empathetic; now technology can subvert our natural need for community with superficial contact and unashamed abuse/bullying! God help us…


    • Yes, that was the ah-ha for me too. To bring this down to me and you. This contact with you is good but if I am not seeking out brothers in the flesh to see and hear–to be encouraged by and to be challenged by, then I don’t have God’s best.

      Media is great! Hearing a human voice is better! Being greeted by a human in the flesh is better!


      • Yes, we should have a bloggers convention every year, eh? Oops, most of us couldn’t afford it, so we’ll have to settle for virtual friends of spirit and friends face-to-face.


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