Pay Attention to Your Heart

The title here is a subtitle in Waking the Dead, Chapter 6.   Guided and A Case for  Discipleship were also a part of this chapter.

I love that Eldredge makes the point that we need to pay attention to our hearts.   We do!  So badly.  Many men have all but forsaken their hearts. It doesn’t pay the bills, so we focus on the cognitive and the physical world.  Emotions and desires are too mushy for us.

Eldredge points to anger, lust, fear, pride, and petty jealousy as warning signs that all may not be well inside.  The battle rages within (Romans 7) and we do well to understand.  These sins are signs that we are not walking with God.   So what do we do about it?  We develop an attitude and approach to God that tells Him “I am open.”  “I am seeking.”   “I want more from you.”  “You are the source of life and I know it.”  “Now I seek that life.”  As we do this, wisdom and revelation come from God and towards us.  He shows himself to those who walk with Him.  “No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly.” Psalm 84:11  “Do not My words do good to the one walking uprightly?” Micah 2:7

Pay attention to your heart.  Walk with Him.  Wait on Him and He will produce good things in your heart.


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