Tagging the New Used Car

Next day, I took my identifying papers in a folder and headed to the courthouse from my desk. As I walked down the sidewalk to the courthouse, I sensed my emotions changing. I sensed “challenge” and the need for courage. Dealing with any “system,” governmental or otherwise has always been a battle for me.

As I walked, I “what ifed” and asked myself how I would respond with any given scenario. I left my cell phone at my office because it is one less item to get through security. The line was small and “paper checker” clerk informed me that since my wife was on the title I would need all her data. So, I dropped back and made a call to her to make sure I had all of her information correct.

I headed back down to the queue. It was longer this time but not bad.

The next “paper checker” clerk informed the man in front of me that he would need proof of insurance. I realized that I did not have anything from my insurance company stating that I had insurance on my new Scion, so I dropped out of the line and headed back to the office to call my agent. I got that proof via email.

On the walk back to the office I notice that I am just mildly frustrated but not upset with the “system” as I have been on many occasions in the past. This is a throwback to my pose which focuses on my interaction with authorities or authority figures. My flesh loves to rebel against authority. Actually that is my default pose. That is my way of dealing with authority, to rebel and react.

I sensed with this situation that I did want to blame the “system” for me not having all my paperwork in order. But, this time seems to be somewhat different than in past instances. I am not reacting in my heart. I am calmer and understanding that God may have a purpose in my having to make multiple attempts at the title transfer.

On Day 2 of my attempt to get license plate I go back to the courthouse.

The DMV clerk told me that my wife would need to be there since we signed the title transfer form with “and.” If we had sign with “or” between our names, either party could make the transaction. So I can’t get the title transferred on this trip to the courthouse. I call my wife and later she decides to make the trek down to the courthouse with me since we don’t have a Power of Attorney.

We both enter the courthouse, the queue, and arrive at the DMV clerk. She discovers that there is an error on the title transfer form. I put a number where we were supposed to sign. We signed on either side of the number. That’s not good enough. We now have to fill out an “S7” or “S5” and have the owner of the Scion sign before a notary along with my wife and I signing the additional form before the notary with all the correct data for the car in the correct slot. Can you do that John?

We are not going to get the title transferred on day 2.

We are waiting to get the title transferred into our names. On day 3 we had to leave town anyway so the process is delayed and the Scion is sitting there–not needed at this point.

The good news is that my pose is weaker. I am not fretting over the encounters with the “system.” I am resting more and really not concerned with the process. The clerks know the law and they are doing the best they are able to execute the law. Those thoughts formerly did not come into play in my thinking.

Could God be dismantling wrong messages and lies I have believed in the past? I believe He could be doing that very thing. In fact, I am asking Him to keep pressing into the dark places where my beliefs and thoughts are off. I want He perspective on all that I go through.

I will share my pose here at some point so more to come.

Update:  All the forms are filled out correctly and I have the tag for the Scion.  The System and I interacted intelligently and peacefully through the whole process.


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