Scion – Got Another Car!

I was proud of myself for keeping around the old Geo Prism for 19 years. It has been a great automobile while my wife has gone through several cars, my Geo Prism just kept cranking without a hint of trouble. We long ago stopped using it for trips however. When that happened, my wife’s cars became the trip-making cars. She’s only been through two cars in the 19 years to a new Hyundai now.

So, I don’t need big car, just reliable to move me around town and to take short trips. My wife is the researcher and she found a used Scion that seemed to make sense.

I was very ambivalent about changing cars. The main reason is that I have had a car for so long that has given me absolutely no trouble. Why take a risk with another used car? Why buy a new car that depreciates like crazy as soon as you drive it off the dealer lot? All of that is hard to swallow for me.

We drove the Scion about three weeks ago. It was okay. I just sat on the thought of trading cars for a week. Then, I decided that if I was going to make a move I had better call the owner back. I did. He still had the car. While thinking about the car, we decided to have an inspection and an Auto Check. Both of those items are good if you are buying a used car.

The car checked out just fine and we are its owners now. Getting a car requires a license plate. Getting a license plate can be an ordeal.



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